Fortunately, enabling or creating pride and school spirit is not a solo sport or a one size fits all t-shirt.  I would like to say thanks to all of the parents and teachers who make it happen for our kids. 

Over time we have seen our share of PTO teams and thought we would drop you a few suggestions or could just point out a few obvious things! 

  1. Call on other schools in the area who have successful PTO participation and ask them for help, especially if your struggling.
  2. If a PTO team from another school calls for assistance please help them!
    • Most unestablished PTO's just need access to some of your standardized forms and a mentor to get started.
  1. Once you're established, if you just need some help getting started, we would be happy to provide some ideas and set you up with some starter gear.
    • We may also help with some staff or equipment, depending on availability.
  2. **We at Southern Ink Envy, are not PTO experts**

Proud to serve this community, local businesses, and the schools of LamarCISD and KatyISD!

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